Science Tables for Schools

“I didn’t like the rows of individual desks. They didn’t really help the way I wanted to teach, how I wanted my students to interact andwork together,” expresses North Dakota 3rd grade teacher KaylaDelzer.

Today we are seeing a progressive leap into the future withscience tables for schools. The new trend is Starbucks-eque collaborativetables and comfortable chairs. Will this new approach of having science tablesfor schools actually enhance the learning capabilities of our youngsters? Yes.From the National Training Laboratories in 2000, a study found that fivepercent of lecture information was retained. Compare this to fifty percent fromgroup discussion, seventy percent for practice by doing, and eighty percentretention from students teaching others. With newly furnished classroomsdesigned to pique collaboration and idea-sharing, students should become more
successful in their learning retention.

So, what are the potential struggles of this new seatingtrend? Well, to begin, cluster seating could detract from the lesson, as morestudents will be tempted to interact when the teacher is giving a lecture orlesson. Also, deciding who sits where may be a problem with science tables for
schools. The teachers could get stuck in the trap of choosing to sit in thesame spot, near the same students, which would decrease potential learning fromthe rest of the pupils.

And how do teachers today, most of whom are on low-payingsalaries, afford such a spatial upgrade? Many teachers recommend crowdfundin gsuch as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, or specialized grants to give their studentsthe better learning environment. Once the upgrade has taken place, teachersreport that the students learn to choose their outside of class environments betteraccording to their needs.

Amongst the desire to improve one’s classroom retentionrates is also a desire to improve each student’s comfortability. One teachermade the change from static desks to tables and bean bags in order toaccommodate his pupil that has ADD. The change has done the student andstudents wonders. Science tables for schools is becoming a positive movement inthe education system.

If we consider the archaic rows of desks and chairs thathave been in schools for many year, we can see that a change is definitely inorder. With science tables for schools, students will learn better, interactbetter, connect with one another on school subjects better, and become morecomfortable overall. Starbucks has proven its layout and furnishings assuccessful, so why shouldn’t we offer our young people the same comfortable andefficient work environment?

If you’re looking for science tables for schools, then you can find a selection of options at an online furniture retailer who specialises in education.

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