Features and scope of IBM Planning Analytics

Powered by IBM TM1, IBM Planning Analytics can be considered as new era in Agile planning. As the name suggest, IBM Planning Analytics automates planning, forecasting, analysis and budgeting. It incorporates the full functionality of excel spreadsheets and eliminates any manual task. IBM planning Analytics offers faster execution of your task after accessing data, integrates operational plans with financial results and analysis. Having analytics workspace and dynamic planning, data can be modelled to gain insights that allows communication using enthralling visualizations, make accurate forecasting, and carry out what-if analysis for alternative presumptions.

With the help of IBM Planning Analytics, you create timely plans that are reliable and then make them live.

From a basic budgeting, IBM Planning Analytics takes you to best in class integrated financial planning.

IBM Planning Analytics acts as business planning applications of next generation . While it offers you with flexibility of scaling across the premises or different ways to deploy solution whether on campus or on cloud.

key and prominent features of IBM Planning Analytics are:

. Analytics workspace that are customizable. It allows management to deliver Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) effectively and then measure business effectiveness in achieving key business objectives and reach targets.

. Automatically unearth the presumtions that were used in forecasting.

. Ability to integrate with applications such as Oracle and SAP. It easily allows leveraging data from Oracle Hyperion, SAP Business Warehouse(BW), IBM IBM TM1 and other sources.

. Flexible solution deployment according to the buisness need.

. Scalable solution deployment across organization.

. In-memory analytics using powerful IBM TM1 OLAP engine. It provides gain to the real time insight of business with the tiniest of detail.

. Supports multidimensional data modelling, calculations and analysis.

. Supports Microsoft Excel functionality in full including in built functions and charts.

. Offers cloud benefit on single and multi environment deployment.

. Can be used by individuals or teams or across organization as it supports flexibilty and scalibility.

. Offers on cloud, privacy and security at zero risk levels.

IBM Planning Analytics helps the customers to solve their financial problem easily, efficiently and accurately as in:

. Avoid dependency on error prone excel sheets: It allows simplification of data consolidation which in turn speed up the forecasting. It does so by creating reliable and robust forecast in fraction of time.

. Retail Environment: IBM Planning Analytics help the traders to analyze the different stock movements on index and then build optimized portfolio.
Truly, IBM Planning Analytics act as a great financial application today to adapt quickly to the continuous business change.

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