Hello everyone, I am Hixbel Gravia, a new resident of beautiful city Liverpool. Why I moved here? Sometimes I asked this question myself, and, believe me, I never satisfied myself. There isn’t anyone reason to be a part of this marvellous city; sometimes I thought the beauty attracts me, the parks, architecture of the old buildings, the theater, coffee in evening or parties in the night. I share with you why I move to Liverpool.

1. The People of Liverpool
Honesty is speaking, the big reason to get here are the people of Liverpool, the funniest and friendliest people of this beautiful city. I think everyone is the comedian in Liverpool, if you meet first time any individual, you realized that he know you from decades. Go to the markets, parks you see people walking in groups and a genuine Liverpool smile on their faces.

2. Tourism
Tourism is the key to the successful economy, which holds the overall economy of Liverpool. Due to this other business like hotels, clubs restaurants and cafes are increased. Liverpool is one of the few city in the world were cruise liner can birth in the center of the city. Significant ships like Queen Elizabeth 2 and Grand Princess docked in Liverpool. The year 2013 will remember in the history of Liverpool, the turnaround cruise operations from the cruise liner started which attracting cruise passengers from the north England and Midlands.

3. Liverpool’s Greenery
One aspect of Liverpool, which surprises me a lot of, is its greenery. This city alone equipped with 43 parks and outdoor play areas. With green space and jewels, Sefton Park is the largest in the city. The park is popular with dog walkers, swan feeders and runners. Large scale events are hosted in such big parks, and everyone enjoys his life. Another park situated in the north of the city known as Stanley Park, which is known as its lakes.

Watch the amazing beauty of Sefton Park.

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